This year a FIRST Robotics Competition Kick off is being held at the Fargo Air Museum hosted the STEM Alliance!  FRC teams will be able to participate is a few fun workshops before and after the Official FIRST Kickoff of the 2022 FRC season, Rapid React!  This event is free and open to the public!  For More information about this event, Please email:

















Hosted by:

FRC Kickoff



9:00 AM – Team Check in and breakfast


9:30 AM – Practical 3D printing workshop 


10:30 AM - Live Pre-show with information, interviews, and interesting stories 


11:00 PM - Live kickoff show including field reveal, game manual code, and special guests


11:45 PM – Continuing field Q&A, and field tour videos 


12:15 PM – Conclusion of video, Lunch, and Design Engineering and group brainstorming  


1:30 PM – Wrap Up & KOP (Kit of parts) distribution