Board Meeting - 1/4/2022


Meeting Notes


1.       Call to order

6:10 PM


2.       Roll call – voting members

President - Tim Ryan (x)

Vice President - Rory Held (x)

Secretary/Treasurer - Aaron Fischer (x)

Board Member -  Hannah Reisdorf ()

Board Member - Ryan Thayer (x)

Board Member - Roger Amundson (x)

Board Member - Matt Craig (x)


3.       Approval of previous meeting notes

Approved - no discussion




4. Quick updates or critical items for discussion

FRC Kickoff – 1/8/2022

Grant received ($3500) for door prize tools and equipment for teams that attend - including a 3D printer

Will include a 3d printer introduction as part of kickoff

Setup at the Air Museum on Friday

Planning for 60ish people, 8 teams


FM Area Foundation Caring Catalog was successful.  $1020.00 was collected. 

Current financial account status

General Organization (still includes FRC) - $6275.23

Directed Giving –  $4454.73

Surplus equipment for team in Des Moines

We could offer a small lathe, a bench drill press, a belt/disk sander, a bench band saw, miter saw w/ stand - Aaron will respond

FTC regional - 1/7/2022

Thank you to Moorhead Schools - Matt will draft



5. Strategic Planning


Notes captured in OneNote on Sharepoint


6. Plan next meeting

 2/10/2022 - 7PM


7. Adjourn