Board Meeting - 10/20/20


1.  Call to order



2.  Roll call – voting members

   President - Tim Ryan (x)

   Vice President - Rory Held (x)

   Treasurer - Jason Ryan (x)

   Secretary - Aaron Fischer (x)

   Board Member - Hannah Reisdorf (x) 

   Board Member - Luke Stein ( )


3.  Approval of previous meeting notes



4.  Unfinished business

   - Invite Mindy Grant to the next meeting.

   - Couple of FRC coaches had a discussion - will have more discussion with extended mentor group about plans for the upcoming          season. 


5.  Committee status reports

   Organization:  Aaron Fischer

   - No update.


   Facilities: group discussion

   - Making progress on the Career Academy.  Meeting with building representatives is the next step to explain our needs.

   - Building use guidelines - should finalize and get out to teams in the event.  Tim Ryan will send it around for last round of                      comments.


   Fundraising: Jason Ryan

   - Still waiting for confirmation from GFMEDC that we can fundraise under their umbrella

   - Committee will meet in the next couple weeks.


   PR: Rory Held

   - Business cards still on hold.



6.  New Business

   - none


7. Plan next meeting

   November 17th, 7:00PM


9.  Adjourn  

     7:21 PM