Board Meeting - 10/21/2021 Meeting Notes


1.       Call to order

 6:36 pm


2.       Roll call – voting members

President - Tim Ryan (x)

Vice President - Rory Held (x)

Secretary/Treasurer - Aaron Fischer (x)

Board Member -  Hannah Reisdorf ()

Board Member - Ryan Thayer (x)

Board Member - Roger Amundson (x)

Board Member - Matt Craig (x)


3.       Approval of previous meeting notes

Approved no discussion


4.       Unfinished business

Bank Account(s) / Checks / Financial Software

Motion to open a "earmarked for groups" checking account and get a baseline Quickbooks subscription and move our accounting there.  Seconded.  Approved.

We could have "printer" checks instead of personal style checks.  Aaron will investigate.


ND STEM Ecosystem

State level STEM organization.  Clearinghouse for STEM in the state.  Have some grants available.  Could be a resource for us going forward.


Schedule Strategic Planning Meeting

Monday Nov 1 6:30.  Aaron will send Teams.


5.       Committee status reports

Organization – Aaron Fischer

First 990 has been filed for our 2020 year.  This should be the last Organization update.

Facilities – group discussion

Will dovetail with strategic planning

Fundraising – Aaron Fischer

Collected donations in October - AirSho, Noridian.

Would be good to have a template  general letter/email for "Cold Calling".  Aaron will draft something.

AmazonSmiles - Need to make write up on how individuals can set it up to use.

Benevity - Cybergrants - we are in these systems

As teams get ready to do fundraising we need to be careful to not overlap their opportunities with our fundraising efforts. 

As a guideline - big ticket donor ($ thousands) to STEM Alliance, local donors ($ hundreds) to teams.

Outreach - Rory Held

Donation Paperwork

We see a need to have a CRM to help manage our outreach and fundraising efforts.  Tim will investigate and find a good option.


Robotics Growth Committee – Tim Ryan

FRC  - Rory - NDHSAA




6.       Event

FIRSTFRC Kickoff - Plan to host event at the Air Museum in January.  Sign up for a Volunteer Role on FIRST Website. 

Update from planning Commitee


FRC Regional -Suggestion to do something to have a presence at this and other events in the area.  Whiteboard match board as an example.

Sign up for a Volunteer Role on FIRST Website tentatively set to start 11/1/21

Update from planning Committee


FTC Upcoming Regional Event @ NDSU


FLL Upcoming Regional Event @ NDSU and State Tournament @ UND



3D Printer Camp – No Update

Robotics Camp W/ Air Museum

Also potentially schools, community ed, and other area groups


STEM Expo - (Off Season Event)


7.       New Business



8.       Plan next meeting


11/18/2021 - 7:00PM


9.       Adjourn