Annual Meeting - 6/29/2021


Meeting Notes


1.       Call to order



2.       Roll call – voting members

President - Tim Ryan (x)

Vice President - Rory Held (x)

Secretary/Treasurer - Aaron Fischer (x)

Board Member - Hannah Reisdorf ()

Board Member - Luke Stein ()

Board Member - Jason Ryan ()


3.       Approval of previous meeting notes

No comments


4.       Unfinished business

Insurance - lots of requirements for the quote we received - will investigate an event policy for the Expo for the short term. 


5.       Board elections


Existing positions

Tim Ryan (2 yr remaining)

Rory Held (1 yr remaining)

Aaron Fischer (1 yr remaining)

Jason Ryan (term expiring)

Hannah Reisdorf (term expiring)

Luke Stein (2 yr remaining)


Matt Craig has volunteered to be considered for a board position

Roger Amundson is considering

Hannah has volunteered to stay as a non-officer position


We do not have quorum to vote - will table voting until the next meeting.



6.       Committee status reports

Organization – Aaron Fischer

No update

Facilities – group discussion

No update from previous facility.  Still need to reconcile our inventory based on financial records.

Fundraising – Aaron Fischer

FM Area foundation grants again in March.

PR - Hannah Reisdorf/Rory Held

Lots going on in preparation for the Expo.  Rory and Tim to work on some website updates.


7.       New Business

 several opportunities coming up - FRC kickoff, non AirSho Expo, other items.  More information to come.


8.       Plan next meeting

 virtual one more time - then will revisit meeting in person

7/13/2021 - 6:30PM


9.       Adjourn