Board Meeting - 7/28/2020


1.  Call to order



2.  Roll call – voting members

   President - Tim Ryan (x)

   Vice President - Rory Held (x)

   Treasurer - Jason Ryan (x)

   Secretary - Aaron Fischer (x)

   Board Member - Hannah Reisdorf (x)

   Board Member - Luke Stein (x)


3.  Approval of previous meeting notes

   Approved - no discussion


4.  Unfinished business

   - Covid guidelines/plans for upcoming year.  Looking to schools for guidance - nothing known yet.  Also hopefully will be some              guidance from FIRST - different level programs may be different.  After schools and FIRST have made some announcements we        will meet again to discuss and put some plans together - two weeks from today.

   - Still planning Hannah and Matt to attend Moorhead school board meeting to bring visibility to robotics and try get commitment          for dedicating space in the new Career Academy facility.  Tim and Matt drafting a letter clarifying our position and making our              request.


5.  Committee status reports

   Organization:  Aaron Fischer

   - 501.c.3 application is currently "Accepted".  Aaron will try get an actual status from the IRS.


   Facilities: Brad Mackowick (group discussion)

   - Still no word back from building owner

   - Welder from TrailKing - really more than we need - proposal that we try trade it for a more suitable setup and maybe some                  equipment.  General agreement that this is an ok plan.

   - Midco was in to do some upgrades


   Fundraising: Jason Ryan

   - Will probably need to start doing some fundraising this fall.  Had been holding off until we get our IRS status.  Can probably                start focusing on some key ones earlier than that.


   PR: Hannah Reisdorf

   - In the future - we could revisit plans / materials to make available to school boards / other interested parties.


6.  New Business

   - sharepoint cleanup - Aaron will do a bit of cleanup

   - Diversity and Inclusion training from FIRST.  <                          inclusion>  couple votes that it is worthwhile.  Free and open at the link here.


7. Plan next meeting

   August 18th at 6:30


9.  Adjourn