Board Meeting - 8/19/2021


Meeting Notes


1.       Call to order



2.       Roll call – voting members

President - Tim Ryan ()

Vice President - Rory Held (x)

Secretary/Treasurer - Aaron Fischer (x)

Board Member -  Hannah Reisdorf()

Board Member - Luke Stein ()

Board Member - Ryan Thayer (x)

Board Member - Roger Amundson (x)

Board Member - Matt Craig (x)



3.       Approval of previous meeting notes

Approved no discussion


4.       Unfinished business

 need Bio and Pictures for new board members - please provide information to Rory to update the website.



STEM Expo wrap up - link to slides

FRC Kickoff

Plan to host event at the Air Museum in January.  Lots more to come in detailed planning.


3D Printer Camp

Robotics Camp W/ Air Museum

Also potentially schools, community ed, and other area groups

FRC Regional

Suggestion to do something to have a presence at this and other events in the area.  Whiteboard match board as an example.



6.       Committee status reports

Organization – Aaron Fischer

Have been told our updated determination letter is in the mail.


Facilities – group discussion

Organization/Sort/Review Stuff for MACA

MACA is behind - concern about moving in October.  Proposal to do some sorting organizing in place before we move.  Rory will organize via email.


Finance / Fundraising – Aaron Fischer

Aaron Rory and Ryan will put a draft plan together and bring back to the board for feedback.

Motion to reimburse Rory for Expo expenses 2446.87 from GFMEDC.  Seconded and Approved.

Motion to open one checking account at Bell - 2 signers (Aaron and Tim) and move our balance from GFMEDC.  Need to discuss with bank how many accounts we will need to have to do what we want for team.


PR - Rory Held

Picture/s for Website


7.       New Business


Fargo 3D - Meeting

Lulzbot – Workin on Contact


8.       Plan next meeting

9/23/21 @ 7:30 PM


9.       Adjourn

8:38 PM