Board Meeting - 9/15/2022


Meeting Notes


1.       Call to order




2.       Roll call – voting members

President - Tim Ryan (x)

Vice President - Rory Held (x)

Secretary/Treasurer - Aaron Fischer (x)

Board Member -  Hannah Reisdorf ()

Board Member - Ryan Thayer (declined)

Board Member - Roger Amundson (x)

Board Member - Matt Craig (tentative)

Board Member - Matt Bahr ( )


No Quorum so no voting, but discussion will happen anyway



3.       Approval of previous meeting notes



4.       Unfinished business

Team for Air Museum Event

Students are committed to be there Sept 24.

Girl Scout Event

Event is Oct 1.  we probably don't have an offering that fits well with what they're looking for.  Several board members will attend to check it out and do some planning to have something ready for next year (assuming it is an annual event)


5.       Committee status reports

Strategic Planning/Growth – Tim Ryan

Had a conversation recently

We are lacking

Engagement with schools

Engagement with existing or recent coaches/teams

We are putting together a plan to get a foot in the door with schools - Tim is drafting a letter/message

Aaron will work with state FLL coordinator to try help get us engaged with existing/recent teams

Practically speaking we're planning now to be engaging with new FLL teams for next season

With the recent changes in the Deere grant system we probably will consider providing some financial support to teams


Fundraising / Financial – Aaron Fischer

Account balances reviewed - 

Liquidation auction is in progress


Outreach - Rory Held

No update


6.       Events


FRC kickoff will be Jan 7 2023 - 9AM - 1PM




7.       New Business



8.       Plan next meeting


Oct 18 - 6:30PM


9.       Adjourn