Board meeting - 9/23/2001 Meeting notes


1.       Call to order



2.       Roll call – voting members

President - Tim Ryan (x)

Vice President - Rory Held (x)

Secretary/Treasurer - Aaron Fischer (x)

Board Member -  Hannah Reisdorf ()

Board Member - Luke Stein (x)

Board Member - Ryan Thayer (x)

Board Member - Roger Amundson (x)

Board Member - Matt Craig (x)


3.       Approval of previous meeting notes

Approved - no discussion


4.       Unfinished business



5.       Committee status reports

Organization – Aaron Fischer

We officially have 501c3 status.


Facilities – group discussion

FRC moving into MACA

Desire to also focus on FLL/FTC and other programs


Finance / Fundraising – Aaron Fischer

Fundraising plan - will apply for some grants short term, but need a clearly defined long term plan to fundraise to.  Long Term Planning Committee will need to meet again.

Bell account, reimbursement request form

We need to write a policy on how-to manage the spending/reimbursement process.

Noridian - has offered a donation.  We need to formalize this process.  Aaron, Rory, and Ryan will model the needed items from what the Air Museum is already doing.

Family Fare Receipt program - we will participate.  Please collect Family Fare Receipts and turn in to Aaron.

Benevity - are getting set up in that program.

AmazonSmiles - need to sign up for this program.

PR - Hannah Reisdorf/Rory Held

Will keep refining printed materials and website



6.  Events


FRC Kickoff - Plan to host event at the Air Museum in January.  Sign up for a Volunteer Role on FIRST Website. 

FRC Regional -Suggestion to do something to have a presence at this and other events in the area.  Whiteboard match board as an example.

FTC Upcoming Regional Event @ NDSU

FLL Upcoming Regional Event @ NDSU and State Tournament @ UND


3D Printer Camp – Working on price (Grant from ND STEM EcoSystem to fund it) & Find FRC teams for the first one Need at least 3 ND teams (7048 & 876)

Robotics Camp W/ Air Museum -

Also potentially schools, community ed, and other area groups


STEM Expo - maybe look for another opportunity to pair with another community activity. 

And/or build primarily as a FIRST offseason event.

MISC Events in Fargo – Booth to talk about us


7.  New Business

Area teams – NEW running list tabOutreach / support / growth

Proposal to form a committee to formalize a plan to attack this.  Robotics Growth Committee - Tim will lead.  And invite the usual suspect attendees and Scott.

Referrals - need to get back to the requests for referrals with some type of answer.  Maybe refer them to the FTC/FLL local coordinators at NDSU.

FTC at MACA - not super optimistic that there will be room, but will try to find a solution once FRC moves in.

Deferred to next meeting - Bank Account(s) / Checks / Financial Software

Deferred to next meeting - ND STEM Ecosystem

Luke Stein has officially resigned from the board.


8.       Plan next meeting

Thursday October 21 - 6:30 PM 


9.       Adjourn